Intro Panel

Randy “Biscuit” Turner is an iconic force of Punk Rock worldwide and Austin popular culture. Born in Gladewater, Texas, he was encouraged to create art and was drawn to the odd-ball, skate-punk culture of Austin where he and his friends formed the band The Big Boys. The Big Boys were innovative, sarcastic, and passionate in their music, building on punk conventions to create a unique funk-punk genre. As their front man, Biscuit was an edgy, energetic, inclusive, musician, poet, artist, and performer; The Big Boys grew, pushing the anti-everything Generation X to be more open-minded, bright, and relaxed, but still funny, shocking, and rebellious. Since the band broke up, all of its members have continued to play gigs with up and coming bands that espouse the punk ideals. Biscuit continued to create his own brand of performance art and celebrity. He died in 2005.
This exhibition presents a collection of Biscuit’s art, from the flyers he created to promote his bands, his poetry and song lyrics, to the works created from Austin’s junk and thrift stores. His visual style grew from the characteristics of Generation X fringe social outcasts into his own personal, authentic, and unique identity that embodied the ethos of DIY design and culture, here in Austin and globally, making Randy “Biscuit” Turner a real punk pioneer.

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