Introducing: the SouthPop All-Stars!


The SouthPop All-Stars are our newest house band, so to speak. The band is composed of some of the greatest musicians currently playing who embody the spirit of Old School Austin. Who exactly is playing from show-to-show varies due to the availability of their incredible talent. But here’s a run down of who you might see at one of our shows featuring the new old Austin legends: The SouthPop All-Stars!


Freddie Steady Krc: Singer/songwriter/guitarist/drummer/renaissance Texan Freddie Steady Krc (Krc rhymes with “search”) got to Austin just as psychedelia was sweeping the country. He got to play with hip Austin innovators the 13th Floor Elevators, B.W Stevenson, and Jerry Jeff Walker. His enigmatic stage performance and vast talent landed him session drumming jobs with such artists as Augie Meyers and Carole King. He played for Presidents Clinton and Ford, he played with Janis Joplin’s band Big Brother and the Holding Company, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He played with Jerry Jeff Walker at Willie Nelson’s 1985 Picnic with Neil Young. He’s produced dozens of albums, published countless original songs, and even brought Roky Erickson out of retirement to form The Explosives. And now he sits on the Board of Directors here at the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture as our Special Events Chair and fronts the SouthPop All-Stars on vocals and guitar.

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Van Wilks: Traveling around Texas at a young age, Wilks combined the many local and regional sounds into his own unique brand of Austin-Blues that got him recognized early on. Six solo albums, one live album, and many world-wide tours alongside ZZ Top, Heart, Van Halen, Journey, Aerosmith, and many more, Wilks has been the defining icon of Austin’s blues sound for a generation. Adding to his long list of awards, accomplishments, and inductions to various halls of fame, Van is also on the Board of Directors here at SouthPop, and plays vocal and guitar for the SouthPop All-Stars.

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Eve Monsees: Beginning her live music career in Austin at 15, Eve opened for Jimmie Vaughan before she graduated high school with Gary Clark Jr. Influenced by the Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Fabulous Thunderbirds and playing with the LeRoi Brothers and the Go Gos, Eve has developed her own style of “garagey blues”. Playing gigs all over Austin and filling in with regional legends, Monsees and Mike Buck put together a dream team of contemporary blues musicians called the Exiles. Along with the Exiles and many other bands, Eve now plays vocals and guitar for the SouthPop All-Stars.

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Mike Buck: Buck came to Austin from Fort Worth in the mid-1970s. Already an experienced gig-player, Buck joined the Fabulous Thunderbirds, recorded a couple albums, then formed his own band The LeRoi Brothers, all while performing and recording with legends like Roky Erickson, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and Doug Sahm. After 30 years of launching Texas Blues into the national scene, Buck and Monsees formed a group fusing blues and 60’s-style rock, Eve and the Exiles. Today, along with his regular bands, Buck co-owns Antone’s Record Shop with his wife, Monsees, and he plays drums for the SouthPop All-Stars.

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Chris Johnson: Without any real online presence, it has been determined that Johnson is a ghost, appearing from the shadows only to wow us with his bass playing, then disappearing again until his next gig. Some people believe him to be alien or even “extra-dimensional” rather than a ghost as one does not need to hold a seance to contact him, you just need to get in touch with Freddie Steady. Reports of his appearances began in the 80s when he leant his otherworldly talents to the bands McLemore Avenue, Roky Erickson and the Explosives, and so many others. He, along with the rest of The Blues Grifters, play for Nakia, a local Austinite who achieved fame on the TV show “The Voice”. While not much is known about Johnson or his life, we do know that he must’ve traded his soul for his talents on bass guitar which he now plays all over the Austin area, and for the SouthPop All-Stars.

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