Board of Directors 2018

Advisory Board

In Memoriam

Emma Little, President

Freddie Krc, Vice President

Michael Kleinman, Treasurer

Scout Stormcloud, Secretary

Kerry Awn

Nick Barbaro

Billy Perkins

Alan Robertson

Bruce Spelman

Van Wilks

Freddie Krc, Special Events Chair

Leea Mechling, Executive Director

Megan Stillman, Assistant to the Director

George Brown, Facility Manager and Exhibit Fabricator

Cait Ellison, Head of Production

Kelsey Riddle, Production Assistant

Emma Crutcher, Production Assistant

Patricia Hauth, Preservation Assistant



Scott Conn

Majer George Majewski

Mike Tolleson

Eddie Wilson

Tim Hamblin

Joe Nick Patoski

Bob Wade


Bill Narum
Founding President
1947 – 2009

Henry Gonzales
Founding Board Member and Artist in Residence
1950 2016

Clifford Antone
Founding Advisory Board Member
1949 – 2006

Danny Roy Young
Founding Board Member
1941 – 2008

Jack “Jaxon” Jackson
First Featured Artist
1941 – 2006

Jane Newton Walker
1952- 2008

Christine Giles
First Volunteer
1947 – 2011

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Usual hours of operation are Thursday through Sunday 1 – 6pm and by appointment or chance.
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