Dia De Los Muertos: 2016

Dia De Los Muertos: 2016


Dia De Los Muertos: Austin Style

One Night Event Honoring the Dead


Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday that involves bringing offerings to the altars of the dead, hoping to invite back their souls to hear the well wishes of their loved ones, has been a tradition at SouthPop since its beginning. At dusk we light candles, say prayers, and celebrate the lives of recently departed Austin Cultural Icons. This year is particularly special to us as we honor one of our founders, Henry Gonzalez, who passed this year. Upon the memorial wall he built that surrounds the Center and is accompanied by his public works of art, we will add Henry and many of his friends. This year will be adding to our wall:

Bobby Bellemans – Jazz Guitarist
Guy Clark – Singer and Songwriter
Kerry Dawson – DJ
Arturo Garza – Percussionist
Bob Meyer – Trumpet Player
Paul Ray – Singer and DJ
Lucky Tomblin – Musician, Philanthropist, and Attorney
Johnny Winter – Blues Guitarist
Jim Yanaway – Record and Producer
and of course

Henry Gonzalez – Artist, Designer, and SouthPop Founder

Please join us at SouthPop on Saturday, November 5 at 7:09, and bring offerings you are prepared to send with the dead (things you don’t mind getting back), flowers, candles, beads, etc. SouthPop will provide plain candles. And bring your stories and memories of loved ones who have departed. Music will be performed by the Blackhawks and light refreshments will be provided.

Please park on Collier Street, as there will be NO PARKING AT SOUTHPOP. Festivities are located at 1516 South Lamar Blvd. We suggest a donation to the Center of $5. If you have any questions, please call us at 512-440-8318 or email us at www.southpop.org, and keep up to date with our facebook page here.

This year we are opening up our Iconic Memorial Wall for Sponsorship. As we continue to add to the wall we are working to update the rest of the existing wall by purchasing plaques that will better resist the elements and stand the test of time. Please check out more information at the button below:


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