The Austin – San Francisco Connection


The counter-culture revolution of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s in the United States is undeniably attributed to the widespread embrace of drugs, sex, and rock n roll among young people, and San Francisco was the epicenter of authority clash. The city drew disenfranchised youth from all over the country to join together to celebrate peace, love, and harmony while the government sowed discord at home and abroad. While the political and social upheaval was promoted by global artists such as the Beatles and Peter Max, it was a troupe of Austinites who would forever define the psychedelic aesthetic.

Long time chronicler of the Austin music scene, Burton Wilson, said, “This was in the 1960’s and the age of “Flower Children” was beginning to blossom. San Francisco was the prime spot but Austin wasn’t far behind it and there was a constant shuffle of musicians and hippies between the two cities.”

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