Jack Jaxon: Exile into Consciousness

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Jack Jackson (pen name Jaxon), artist, designer, art director, writer, illustrator, historian, and Austinite began a search for answers in the 1960s. His odyssey dove inward, illustrating his acid trips in pen and ink as he explored his own subconscious and moved to San Francisco to join the counter-culture revolution. He became art director for the Avalon Ballroom, over-seeing the poster designs. As he journeyed deeper into the psychedelic scene his search shifted toward forces that rule the course of human events – God, sex, history, science, politics and more. Jaxon used pulp horror conventions to illustrate the brutal nature of man while incorporating humor, eventually publishing the first underground comic. He founded Rip Off Press, dedicated to sexually graphic and politically satirical comics that challenge readers to acknowledge human nature by highlighting the absurdity of it. After burning out on San Francisco, Jaxon returned to Texas where his search culminated with historic epics. He learned that the course of history is repetitive, humorous, and driven by the actions of individuals, not uncontrollable forces. Jaxon uses the raw events of history that are often left out of textbooks to show what we are capable of, and how ignoring it will doom us to repeat the same mistakes. In his exile into consciousness, Jack Jackson became self-aware.

This exhibit will run from Saturday May 4th – June 8th, 2013.

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