Virtual Tour: Tribute To Two Austin Music Icons

This show was a special tribute to two clubs in Austin: one that closed 40 years ago and one that opened 40 years ago. The Vulcan Gas Company and the Armadillo World Headquarters had a substantial impact on Austin’s culture, music and effected not only locals, but people statewide – and some say even the nation.

We had a pretty good resource to pull from for this show. I started collecting posters in 1968. I loved the artwork and how when I looked at the poster I remembered the show. When Henry and I got together, he’d also been collecting posters. With the Armadillo posters and ones done for the other clubs being so amazing, we thought they’d become collectible and our other friends and colleagues thought the same way. So we made it a point to pick up the posters when we saw them in record stores and of course at the AWHQ.

When we started putting together this show, people saw what we were putting together and began to generously offer to lend us some of their poster art stash. We were able to borrow some really rare pieces from collectors here in town.

Many of the people who came to the exhibit are of the generation that were attending the shows in these clubs or were going to the school in the area. And considering everything old becomes new again, even the younger generation is really interested in the art.

Click on the video to check out some of the rare finds brought together for this special exhibit.

Click here to read more about the Vulcan Gas Company and the Armadillo World Headquarters.

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