Summer Flying Saucer Cinema Series: Starship Invasions (1977)

The South Austin Popular Culture Center is proud to host the Summer Flying Saucer Cinema Series this summer.

This free event showcases thought-provoking films every month.

Films are viewed under the stars, so please bring your own chair to assure seating.

This month’s movie premier will take place on Saturday, July 17 at 8 p.m. The film starts at 8:30 p.m.



“The UFO phenomenon exists in a synergistic cybernetic interface with humanity. Whatever the true nature of UFOs, they interact with us within several different milieus, all of which are influenced by the media and culture. This media and culture in turn feeds back into the phenonomenon in a continuous cycle. If the fantastic fictions of our television and print media can feed back upon and influence our images and ideas of the unknown then we will continue to havea harder and harder time of sorting the wheat from the chaff of non-human intelligences communicating through the UFO encounter. Therefore it is very important that we look at some of the various ways the subject of UFOs and Aliens have been handled by the film and television industries.”- SMiles Lewis, Founder of the Anomaly Archives

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