Check In & Walk Out With A Free Poster

As the mayor of the South Austin Popular Culture Center, I am pleased to announce a new offer from the center.

For every sixth check in on FourSquare or Gowalla, you will receive a free exhibit poster!*

So come check out our latest events, and don’t forget to check in: FourSquare | Gowalla


What are FourSquare and Gowalla? These are both web-based games people play on their mobile phones.

People with access to the internet on their phone can essentially “check in” at a location, alerting their friends across social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, about where they are. Click here to learn more about the basics.


* Offer valid while supplies last. Check-ins must occur on separate days. The South Austin Popular Culture Center has the right to deny a free poster to anyone thought to be abusing the offer. Defining “abusing the offer” is up to the managing board of the center.

We are currently in the process of changing the name on both sites from the South Austin Museum of Pop Culture to the South Austin Popular Culture Center. Be sure to check in at the right place.

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